House Captains

At Oakham C of E and The Parks we have 8 House Captains. This year the children had to apply for the position; this involved meeting in house teams for the candidates to deliver a speech. The members of each house voted for their own representative.

The selected children take on a variety of roles and responsibilities within our school.  They meet once per week and make decisions on a variety of different topics.

Their roles include:

  • Offering friendship support during break times
  • Planning charity events
  • Pitching new ideas other children have to improve the school
  • Demonstrating the school values and 4Ps
  • Welcoming visitors and delivering tour
  • Scoring the cloakrooms for the ‘Tidy Cloakroom’ award
  • Counting weekly house totals
  • Monitoring corridors  to ensure children are walking sensibly to and from assembly