Admission Arrangements for The Parks School.

The Parks special school is designed to support the individual education and social needs of children with special educational needs and or disabilities (SEND) from the early years, providing the best opportunities for development and learning. The Parks offers a small, skilled and nurturing teaching environment which is adapted to the individual learning styles of children with SEND, building on each child’s strengths to address their specific difficulties.  The Parks supports the early identification of children with special educational needs and works across social care, health and education to identify and support needs, providing children with the best care and education.

Eligibility for places

Places are available for children who have special educational needs and or disabilities who have an Education, Health and Care Plan or are in the process of assessment and likely to require specialist provision.

Exceptions are made for children who may have SEND where a placement at The Parks will help support their learning and provide suitable opportunity to identify their potential special educational need, this includes duel placements.

Currently 7.5 full time child education places are available in the provision at any one time during the academic year, accommodating children up to the end of their reception year. In total the provision will not exceed 7.5 full time places and/or 15 children at any one time.

Allocation of Placements at the Parks

Rutland County Council remains responsible for the pupil planning and the allocation of child places at the Parks school. In doing so Rutland County Council co-ordinates a multi-agency provision meeting to support the effective management of school places. All placements at The Parks are decided by the Rutland multi-agency SEND Panel.

For further information please contact:  Christine Bellairs – 01572 758854 (Senior Practitioner SEND Rutland County Council).