In The Parks School the Early Years curriculum is highly differentiated and modified to enable children to access meaningful and relevant learning opportunities. Each child has a designated keyworker who works on their individualised targets to enable appropriate progress. All children are supported in a variety of ways and benefit from:

  • Curriculum adaptations/differentiation.
  • Support to regulate emotions and develop positive behaviours.
  • Specified individual support.
  • Support for health/medical needs.
  • Opportunities for inclusion in Oakham C of E Primary School Foundation Stage Class.
  • Access to a sensory room.
  • Access to a swimming pool.
  • Support for communication needs/ assistive technologies.

Parents are invited to attend termly Pupil Progress Reviews in which the child’s progress against their individual targets is reviewed and discussed. We also prepare and share ideas for how parents can support their child at home. As many of the children are preverbal staff regularly update Tapestry and parents are invited to an informal photostory presentation where they see some of your child’s learning and photos of them accessing the curriculum. Staff hold a range of qualifications and have extensive experience and knowledge relating to their roles. Eg Musical Interaction, SCERTS- positive behaviour strategy, PECS -communication system, Makaton -sign language, Epilepsy and Autism Spectrum Condition.

To enable all learners to communicate effectively and to promote independence. We want all learners to be able to effectively manage their feelings and behaviour and to build positive and rewarding relationships with others. It is our ambition to enable the children to access the EYFS curriculum through the characteristics of effective learning and work towards achieving the early learning goals.

The curriculum is highly differentiated and modified to enable all children to access meaningful and relevant learning opportunities. In order to best achieve this there is an initial emphasis on the prime areas of learning and all areas are taught through the characteristics of effective learning. Through EHCP outcomes, IEP targets, external professional support and ongoing assessment each child has an individualised pathway.

All children make excellent progress in relation to their individual starting points.

Prime areas:
– Communication & Language – (Listening & attention, Speaking and understanding).
– PSE – (Managing feelings & behaviour, Self confidence & self awareness and making relationships)
– Physical Development – (Health & Self care, Moving & Handling)
– Characteristics of Effective Learning
– Playing & Exploring – Engagement
– Finding out and exploring
– Playing with what they know
– Being willing to ‘have a go’
– Active Learning – motivation
– Being involved and concentrating
– Keeping trying
– Enjoying achieving what they set out to do
– Creating and thinking critically – thinking
– Having their own ideas
– Making links
– Choosing ways to do things